x is for xylophone -- version 1: Stop! Minzy time.

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X is for Xylophone
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x is for xylophone.

Hi! :] x is for xylophone was created by embracelet ( Zelly ), and is co-owned by toygasm ( Renee ). We make graphics during our spare time. Or when we're bored, etc. This is our outlet, and we hope you enjoy what we make. We decided to start back up again and make a community. Don't be afraid to join. ♥

We will be occasionally posting music you can also download, and music videos. So it's not all about graphics, there will be Korean/Japanese/Chinese even American music culture involved in this community. Basically anything we like and think YOU may like, we will share.

We hope you enjoy the things we make as much as we enjoy making them. :)

Feedback is always appreciated, we want to grow with our viewers. So let us know how you feel by leaving us a comment. ♥


- PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK. Don't be lazy, you can upload your pictures to Photobucket.com, ImageShack.us, or Tinypic.com. It's really such a shame for the other people who come on here just to view "Exceeded Bandwidth." I have been one of those people, and it sucks ass. So please don't hotlink. It's not fair to others, PLEASE respect this.

- CREDIT EMBRACELET/TOYGASM/XISFORXLYOPHONE. If you take something. We spend a lot of time playing around on Photoshop. Sometimes it takes us 3 hours to be finalized with everything. We aren't going to post graphics that look like shit, obviously~ We have your interests in mind. All We ask is for a little bit of credit, okay? Thank you.



BANNERS - Credit us on your User Information.

ETC - User Information or a resource page if you have one. :)

We may be accepting Affiliates, give it a shot if you're interested. Let us know what type of community you are, and how active it is.

Thank you.

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